SCENE 2 If it wasn't for the 'ouses in-between

Saffron and Floyd leave Homerton hospital and walk down the end of the street toward a neo-classical building called "Chat's Palace". To Saffron's displeasure, Floyd gestures that they both go inside.

In the hall a piano player is playing at his piano and, in a spotlight, a black west Indian woman in classic old time music hall dress sings old time music hall style

A man comes forward and greets Floyd handing him a pile of flyers. Floyd thanks him and he and Saffron go outside again. The music played within continues to be heard as they walk through the streets of Homerton toward the Filter beds

This scene will be created as a musical event, tracing highlights of the musical history of Hackney. Gradually the singer and pianist will be joined by more and more other musicians and musical styles including punk, reggae, sabar, jazz, soul, samba, klezmer and hipster folkie, though the primary vibe is an evolution from musichall to lover's rock. The whole thing gradually evolves into a gig.

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