SCENE 7 Bicycle Tour of Hackney

Floyd has left his Lover Saffron Hill at the Filter Beds

He cycles slowly back into his new/old life. through the streets of Hackney from the Filter Beds to Dalston.. Clapton park estate, Chatsworth road, Pembury estate, the Russet etc, Shacklewell lane, Ridley road, Kingsland road.. As he travels he stops in a variety of places putting up posters for for the Chat's palace gig .
This scene will be created in a two-tiered public interaction:
We will give the map to a variety of people who know the neighbourhood in a variety of ways (a child, a parent, a teenager, a hipster, a nurse, a homeless person..) and ask a few eliciting questions (a place you love, a place you're afraid to go, a place that is no longer there, a place you'd like to change..)

We will organise a Dancing/ Bicycle tour of Hackney around a selection of these locations
Either this scene or Beaver and Saffron's chase through Hackney will take place in connection with Hackney Carnival

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