SCENE 7 Floyd's tour of Hackney

Floyd has left his Lover Saffron Hill at the Filter Beds

He walks slowly back into his new/old life. through the streets of Hackney from the Filter Beds to Dalston.. Clapton park estate, Chatsworth road, Pembury estate, Shacklewell lane, Ridley road, Kingsland road.. stopping along the way in a variety of places putting up posters for for the Chat's palace gig where his "tour" will finally end up at as Night falls.
The Route he takes will be devised via a series of Guided tours led by local people. We completed shooting of the first of these in April 2018 with local hero Lamin shopping for ingredients in Ridley road market for his business, Gamby Shack in Netil market
Floyd encounters his friend Lamin and they then walk through the market chatting with each other and stall holders, with dancer Reshma Das lightly interpreting their movements in the background
We are currently developing a further series of guided tours with local people, possibly in collaboration with Dalston library

Floyd says goodbye to Lamin and immediately notices how the neighbourhood has changed in the form of huge new developments, he walks down the road in a somewhat disoriented haze
As he reaches Dalston Junction property development begins to encircle and envelop him
he is saved by a group of clubbers (“ghosts” from four aces and passing clouds) who dance around him up off the plaza, up the Kingsland road
and to the now derelict Passing Clouds club
they disappear and he is left dancing alone
This last scene was hugely enhanced by the fortuitous arrival of Victoria Linchong and her incredible Full Moon Cabaret from Berlin

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