SCENE 5 Canal and Towpath

Having been left by Floyd Saffron emerges from filter beds and walks along the tow path
Floyd has recently cycled the beginning of same route on the other side of the canal before he leaves in another direction through Hackney
As Saffron walks she encounters a variety of characters, such as:
• a jogger who pushes her to get past
• An apparently happy family emerging from a boat, a baby-gro adorned with skull and cross bones waves from the mast
• A big group in full throttle argument which Saffron struggles to get through
• dancing ravers aboard the deck of a moving boat
• 10 middle aged men in hawaiian shirts aboard another boat all facing the same direction with cocktail glasses aloft in a toast listening to Rat pack music
• A sunken boat
• A Broken couch on the towpath a young couple struggling to snog on it
Eventually she comes across many revellers at the Hackney WickED Festival

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