SCENE 1 Hospital

A Woman in cleaning overalls (Gina the Cleaner) pushes a cleaning trolley up a hospital corridor, she has headphones on and is quietly singing along to the song (it is playing one of her own songs, about giving up wanting to have a child and getting a dog instead)
Gina passes an open doorway of a reception area, the receptionist calls “Floyd Chimutengwende” and a man, Floyd rises from his chair and leaves the room.

He passes Gina who continues to move up and to sweep the corridor, a crumpled piece of paper catches her eye
Close up: the crumpled piece of paper bears a pen and ink drawing of a nearly born baby

A nurse (Niamh) walks through a hospital ward past a row of beds containing women, all singing along to the radio. She arrives at one of the beds where a woman, Saffron Hill, is dressed and ready to go. Floyd arrives to collect her and they exit into the corridor.

Saffron and Floyd emerge from the ward, he with his arm awkwardly around her, and pass Gina as they leave down the corridor. Gina is stooping to pick up the paper
She picks it up and deposits it into the bin

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