SCENE 1 Hospital

A female cleaner (Gina the Cleaner) pushes a cleaning trolley up a hospital corridor. She stoops to pick up a crumpled line drawing of a baby from the ground and deposits it into the bin. She is wearing headphones. A man, Floyd sits in the waiting room hearing the same song on the radio (It is in fact Gina the Cleaner aka Gina Birch's own song about yearning to have a child).

A nurse (Niamh) walks into a hospital ward and past a row of beds containing women, all singing along to the radio. She arrives at one of the beds where a woman, Saffron Hill, is dressed and ready to go. The nurse hands her a pice of paper and they depart.

In the waiting room Floyd is taping a flyer to the wall (for the Chat's palace gig). He turns as Saffron enters, they hug awkwardly and leave the building.

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