SCENE 19 Protests and Grand finale

While Beaver is apparently selling her pictures in Broadway market but is actually being chased by Saffron through Hackney. her young sister Seb has gone to a demonstration with their friends Max and Niamh and others.

The demo is passionate but friendly, but at some point waves of aggression pass through the crowd, as braying men in suits cheer on (mostly) men in riot gear who are fighting (mostly) men in red and black and kettling begins to ensue.

Niamh phones Beaver, who makes her way to the demo with Saffron in hot pursuit

Beaver and Saffron arrive as Seb has got embroiled in a group of scuffling men. Saffron roars to the rescue.

We will begin training and research for this scene at an anti-austerity demonstration on April 16th

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