SCENE 14 Joggers, cyclists and Yummy mummies

Beaver's little sister, Seb, walks alone home from school along the towpath still practicing her dance steps skillfully manoevring around the too many joggers, cyclists, yummy mummies etc rushing past determined not to deviate from their decided route or communicate with anybody.

Beavers's barge emerges through bridge, Beaver jumps on to the towpath to moor, the sisters greet each other and tie on the boat together.
Saffron emerges on the towpath under the bridge carrying her shopping.

Saffron, yummy mummies, joggers and cyclists all get in a tangled mess all around Beaver's rope, Beaver tries to help and laugh and communicate, but everyone is too intent on getting onwards to respond.

Beaver and Seb go down below into their boat inside full of laughter. Saffron carries on walking home

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