Get involved

Throughout April I AM NOT A VILLAGE will be in Residency at Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects space in Hackney.

We will shoot 4 scenes and have a variety of other Workshops and Events.

We work with a combination of professional and inexperienced performers so you are encouraged to get involved whatever your background)

All workshops cost £10. LDF Workshops are free for Shoot participants

Workshop Schedule

Fri 6th 10-5: LDF Rehearsal (Broadway Market scene)
Sat 7th 10-6: LDF Shoot (Broadway Market scene)

Sun 8th 4-6: Psychic painting with Maryam Hashemi
Tue 10th 2-6: Improvisation & Choreography with Seke Chimutengwende
Wed 11th 2-6: Theatre and Pseudo-public Space Workshop with Rebecca Bogue & Matthew Hahn

Thur 12th 10-5: LDF Rehearsal (Floyd's tour of Hackney)
Sat 14th 10-6: LDF Shoot (Floyd's tour of Hackney)

Thur 19th 2-6: Documentary Choreography
with Lucy Thane, Yue Wang & Zoe Tzavarides
Fri 20th 10-5: LDF Rehearsal (Saffron & Beaver Chase scene)
Sat 21st 10-6: LDF Shoot (Saffron & Beaver Chase scene)
Sun 22nd 10-4: Embodying Social Change with Camille Barton
(Women only)

Tue 24th 2-6: Carnival Dance, Social Interaction & Choreography
Wed 25th 2-6: Carnival Dance, Social Interaction & Choreography
Thur 26th 2-6: Carnival Dance, Social Interaction & Choreography

Fri 27th 10-5: LDF Rehearsal (Protest/ Carnival/ Promenade scene)
Sat 28th 10-6: LDF Shoot (Protest/ Carnival/ Promenade scene)


Thur 5th 7-11: OPENING:
with Multi-screen installation, performances, food and music

Sat 7th 7-11: Opening Premiere of Jenny Matthews' "Hackney All Nations" & Kristian's Buus's Historical Archive of Broadway Market Pictures

Sat 14th 7-11: GLOBAL ONLINE CREATIVE CONVERSATION POTLUCK: Arts & Activism in honour of Grenfell

Sun 22nd 6-9: City Rites: Performance Rituals for London
with Joseph Morgan Schofield

Sat 28th 7-late: CLOSING: with Multi-screen installation, performances, food and music

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All workshops will take place at:
Yinka Shonibare’s Guest projects
Sunbury House, 1 Andrews Road, London E8 4QL

Audience Captures

Please send us your footage by the following methods

1. it to
2. Send a Youtube link
3. Send a Facebook link
4. Twitter hashtag the photo/video:

If you would like to donate to help make this project possible

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