Lucy Thane is a live performing former filmmaker. She makes character based site-specific narratives. She has a keen practical interest in improvisation and dance as theatrical and philosophical method. She believes in the importance and pleasure of story telling. She practices improvisation with artists from a variety of disciplines, actors, dancers, puppet-makers, musicians, fine artists, activists, academics and philosophers. She creates regular live public multi-faceted interactive performance and art events. She mostly works site specifically and sometimes also in galleries and theatres. She moved away from filmmaking after years of passionate overwork, deeply aware and concerned about the impact that the increasingly pervasive influence of cameras and screens can have on our experience of the present moment. She also became fascinated by more embodied, intuitive and visceral modes of thinking and communicating especially as practiced by dancers, improvisers, live artists and actors and has thus been learning and working and practicing among them for a number of years now. She is keen to combine these experiences and to turn her sceptical concerns into active creations; to explore and challenge how we, in life, as artists and as audiences, record, remember and share these precious present moments.

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