pre-Production for I am not a Village Residency
Mar 3, 2018

'I am Not A Village' live-dance-film project has been selected to host a residency at Yinka Shonibare's Guest Projects space near Broadway Market, Hackney April 1st-28th 2018.

Your hosts are Lucy Thane, Bean, Seke Chimutengwende, Rebecca Bogue, Erifili Missiou, Maryam Hashemi, Michael Picknett, Seyi Ajeigbe, Jeremy Carne and Natalie B Wong

Other contributors include Jenny Matthews, Camille Barton, Irineu Nogueira, Dagmara Bilon, Kristian Buus, Debbie Golt, John Vanderpuije, Andrea Zimmerman, Winstan Whitter, Joseph Morgan Schofield, Charmaine Love, Madeleine Hodge, David Panos, Ben Seymour

The purpose of the Residency is to push forward this project which so many of us have put so much into, after a hiatus caused by the director’s rent going up 140% and finding sanctuary on the coast at Folkestone.

There will be 3 film shoots of scenes in the movie all of which will be preceded by some exciting workshops, participants of which will be entitled/ encouraged (though not forced) to join us for the filming

There will be loads of workshops & events across the month - so watch this space or getting in contact to register your interest via

Workshops will include:
Improvisation and Choreography
Invisible theatre
Verbatim and ambient sound recording and manipulation
Live Dance Film
Psychic Painting
Documentary filmmaking
Peoples' History of Hackney
Promenades, Procession and Carnival
Samba Dance and Drumming
Social interaction and Choreography

Participants in Workshops will be invited to take part in filming 3 scenes for the movie

There will also be a range of supporting participatory discussion, exhibition screening and party events

Events will include:
Opening and Closing multi-screen installations/ Performances
Global on-line dinner party
Premiere of Jenny Matthews Exhibition of People from every Country on Earth in Hackney
Creative Conversation dinners: Dance/ Film/ Activism/ Brexit/ Immigration/ Gentrification
Future Ritual for London
Weekend Community Cafe
Participatory Promenade/ Carnival

About the project:
IANV is an artistic response to the aggressive gentrification of Hackney, and country-wide demonization of “immigration" and poverty, following my displacement from the region.

A danced odyssey about a woman falling in & out of Love with London made with local residents, supported by local artists.
IANV is made using live-dance-film, an expanded film process, that merges the roles of dancer, documenter & audience, whilst capturing the experiencial qualities of performance by embedding the camera movement into the choreography.

Working in public space performers dance with go-pro cameras, building from subtle & pedestrian movements to complex choreography, making it hard for audiences to distinguish between dancer, documenter & audience.

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